About Us


Old Trail Rifle and Pistol Club was organized September 5, 1929.
The club received a charter from the National Rifle Association in May of 1931 and
is still affiliated with the NRA. The Club is also affiliated with the Indiana State Rifle
& Pistol Association, The National Sporting Clays Association and the Civilian
Marksmanship Program.

Outdoor Range

Located at 501 Beeson Road, approximately four miles
south of Richmond. On this 36 acre tract of land is situated a high-power rifle range
that has 10 firing stations at 100, 200 and 300 yards with an operating target pit.
We also have a 10-position covered firing point on a separate 100-yard practice
range. A trap house is located adjacent to the high-power range. A sporting clay
range with 18 shooting stations is located throughout the woods with-in our 36

Shooting Programs

In the Summer, high-power rifle matches are held twice each month.
Other matches include service rifle, senior and junior carbine, M-1 Garand and
specialty matches. A number of these matches are sanctioned by the NRA. The
sporting clays program runs one 50 – bird match every month throughout the
summer. We also have 50yd and 100yd Rimfire matches and a 300 yd Centerfire
Varmint match.

Indoor Range

Located at 2601 Straight-line Pike, about 1⁄4 of a mile south of
Richmond. It contains 10 firing points at 50 feet. Any 22 Rimfire or any handgun
caliber (except Magnums and 5.7mm) can be fired on this range. NO bottle-neck

Shooting Programs

During the winter months, Gallery Pistol and small-bore rifle matches are held.
Check our club calendar for times and dates. The Junior Club Program runs during
the month of January. This program is for all juniors between the ages of 10 and 21.
The Club will furnish all equipment needed for the Junior Program.

General Information

All members will be issued a key to the outdoor range after an orientation and
may use it year-round from 8:00 am until dark. The only exception is when certain
matches are held, and it is necessary to close the range to insure safety of all
shooters. The range officer is in charge of the range at that time. Check your Club
calendar of these matches and when the range is closed.
Old Trails is enrolled with the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP). The club
has purchased 22 caliber rifles and M-1 carbines for the Junior Club from the CMP
and M-1 Garand (30-06) rifles for use by club members. The club also buys
ammunition for these rifles through the CMP.
The Club has approximately 307 members. Currently dues are $70.00 per year
plus an additional one-time $10.00 initiation fee for new members. Any
membership 30 days past due will be assessed a $10.00 late fee.
Since we are a 100% NRA Club, we require all members to be an NRA member in
good standing. Cost of NRA membership is currently $30.00 annually. Your club
membership entitles you to a key for the outdoor range, a quarterly newsletter, one
vote at our September membership meeting and reduced fees for our shooting
Any member wanting to get an indoor key must attend a monthly board meeting
held the first Tuesday of every month at 6:30pm at the Indoor range. The board
must first approve the request and then an indoor orientation will be given.
All participating shooters will be required to pay a range fee at each event. All
ranges fees are $5.00 for Members and $10.00 for non-members with the
exception of Sporting Clays.
All Juniors between the ages for 10 to 21 are exempt from all range fees as long
as an adults is with them. The club will also furnish eye protection, ear protection, a
rifle and ammunition (except shot shells) to all juniors that want to participate.
$1.00 of every range fee collected is donated to the Friends of NRA fund.


Club officers