November 2023-January 2024 Newsletter

Range Hours Reminder

The Outdoor ranges are open from 8:00am to Dark. All shooting must stop when it is dark!
Indoor range hours are from 9:00am to 9:00pm please throw away trash and please pick up your spent shell casings.
NEW HOURS for Thursday’s 300yd Practice will start November 9th and be from Noon till Dark.
Any members caught abusing the range hours or not following our range rules will be subject to disciplinary action!

Small Bore Rifle

Will be starting on Sunday, December 3rd until March 31st from 9:00am to Noon at the Indoor Range. Martin Dees will be heading this up, Thanks Marty.

Bullseye / Gallery Pistol

Starts on Monday, January 2nd until March 27th from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. Two thirty rounds matches both Rimfire and Centerfire. Gary Woodruff will be the Range Officer, Thanks again Gary for your Help.

Junior Rifle Club Program

Will be starting Saturday January 6th with a full day of instruction and then be on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Ending date will be Feb 7th. Please refer to our calendar for dates and times. Marty Dees will be heading this up,
Thanks Marty.

President’s Corner

With new club officers in place we will continue to make improvements to our shooting facilities. New projects have been completed and a few more are in the works. Remember to respect the club property and watch your shot placement.
The club is also looking for members that are trained instructors to help with upcoming programs.
We’re also looking for ideas for improvements or ways to help our club grow, please come to a board meeting and share your ideas or thoughts.
Thanks, Eric


As of October’s board meeting we have 285 total members.
Outdoor keys have been mailed out to current members. If we find out keys have been copied, copied key person will be banned from the range for LIFE. The person letting his key be copied will be asked to leave. Any questions refer to Jim our new outdoor guy, his number is (937) 336-8840.
If you should see any unsafe actions from our members and their guest. Introduce yourself and show them your membership card and ask to see their membership card, everyone should have one!
Remember there will be a $10 charge for anyone who’s dues are over 30 days LATE.

2023-2024 Officers

President: Eric Hisey
V.P. Outdoor: Jim Burleson
V.P. Indoor: James DeCamp
V.P. Membership: David Scott
Treasurer: Gill McBride
Recording Secretary: Ed Kalil
Correspondence Secretary: Rudy Sperling
Sr. Trustee: Marty Dees
Jr. Trustee: Scott Hesson