Club Officers

Eric Hisey

President’s Corner

With new club officers in place we will continue to make improvements to our shooting facilities. New projects have been completed and a few more are in the works. Remember to respect the club property and watch your shot placement.
The club is also looking for members that are trained instructors to help with upcoming programs.
We’re also looking for ideas for improvements or ways to help our club grow, please come to a board meeting and share your ideas or thoughts.
Thanks, Eric


As of November’s, board meeting we have 285 active members.

Jim Burleson
V.P. Outdoor
(937) 336-8840
James DeCamp
V.P. Indoor
David Scott
V.P. Membership
(765) 969-3425
Gill McBride
(765) 967-7391
Ed Kalil
Recording Secretary
(937) 839-3194
Rudy Sperling
Correspondence Secretary
(765) 962-0577
Marty Dees
Sr. Trustee
(765) 962-6130
Scott Hesson
Jr. Trustee