August 2023-October 2023 Newsletter

Indoor Range

We have MORE new lighting installed. Besides the usual 50 feet target holders, you are now able to hang your targets at 21 feet. GREAT JOB Eric!
Rounds in the ceiling is NOT the impact area!
**Basic NRA Pistol Class will be held October 14th and the 21st from 8:00am to 1:15pm at the Indoor Range. **

Outdoor Range

You need to consider where your bullets are going to end up at.
The Dirt impact area behind your target is where they ALL rounds need to end up at!
Spent casing, old target and general trash need to be put in the green trash tote.
Your membership to OTRPC is a pretty good deal, if you don’t think so, join somewhere else.
Our ELITE Mowing Crew would like for you NOT to use nails to attach targets, they don’t do well with tires while mowing!

President’s Corner

Fall meeting will be held September 17 at the Outdoor Range, please bring a chair.
Membership renewal and range access keys/cards can be obtained from 3:00pm UNTIL 4:55pm.
Annual membership meeting will be held starting at 5:00pm with annual elections and the drawing for the gun later in the meeting. As I understand, the gun this year, WILL NOT be a Springfield SA-35.
So now is the time to get you favorite nominee for office greased up and nominated.
See you on the 17th at the OUTDOOR RANGE!
FYI-The President’s position will be up for grabs so get your nominations in early.


As of July’s board meeting we have 289 Total, 86 have Indoor range access, 4 past due and 5 Delinquent (JUNE)
While at the range, please keep your membership card visible, so we can keep people from loaning keys and cards to others. Any member that are not with their guest will be asked to turn in their key and card.

2022-2023 Officers

President: Jerry Maule
V.P. Outdoor: John Lahrman
V.P. Indoor: Eric Hisey
V.P. Membership: David Scott
Treasurer: Gill McBride
Recording Secretary: Ed Kalil
Correspondence Secretary: Rudy Sperling
Sr. Trustee: Marty Dees
Jr. Trustee: Jim Burleson