May 2024-July 2024 Newsletter

Indoor Range

Concrete work will be done within the next 2-4 weeks but could possibly stretch to end of May weather depending but our contractor is pushing to be done in 2-4 weeks the underneath of porch will be fixed on two sides and side walk replaced the range will remain open please park away from the construction and enter and exit off the east side of the porch while construction is going on.

Some of the range updates since my election last September has been complete patching of holes on range, poles and deflectors painted, ceiling painted completely in range area, with concrete walls in range area to be painted in coming months, walls behind line painted, trim replaced and in process of painting, air box painted and grates
installed, lights and screens behind lines fixed, literature posted in each lane, woman’s bathroom has new soap and towel paper dispenser and toilet completely rebuilt, men’s room in process of being painted 90% done, tiles have been purchased to replace tiles in lobby this will be done in coming weeks, wood has been purchased to fix outer vault breeze way door, 110 ft drainage line ran outside with 45 ft being trenched, range door has new door stop, first aid kit is being updated and will be posted in the lobby along with first aid literature in coming weeks, prototype quick release for target sticks is in process for 50ft line this experimental unit will be placed on lane 10 in coming week and will be trialed over next few months once it passes muster we will discuss outfitting whole line this will take away the need to climb on floor deflector to unlatch the stick to replace it.

I know this is a lot but this is the quick highlight version there is more.
James D

Outdoor Range

I would like to say thanks to Bud Neff, Rex Larson, Jeff Wheeler, Marty Hensley for their help on repairing the shooting tables, cutting the trees down, repair of the target frames and the general clean up. Makes my job a lot Easier.
Much Appreciated
Jim B

President’s Corner

Spring is finally here and the summer shooting programs are starting. Be sure to check them out and see what would be a good fit for your style of shooting. We now have a Facebook members group at OTRPC members group. You must be a valid member to join. Repairs and upgrades are still progressing at both our indoor and outdoor ranges, big thanks to all involved in making these happen. On a final note there has been a “firearm” left behind at the outdoor range and it is in our custody waiting for the owner to claim it. Please remember to place some form of identification in your gun case, at the very least a phone number. TANNERITE is BANNED at any of our ranges!!!
Thanks, Eric Hisey


As of April 1st report we have 295 Total, 96 Indoor Range, 5 Past Due and 2 Delinquent.
Please check out the club’s website at .
Rudy Sperling

2023-2024 Officers

President: Eric Hisey
V.P. Outdoor: Jim Burleson
V.P. Indoor: James DeCamp
V.P. Membership: David Scott
Treasurer: Gill McBride
Recording Secretary: Ed Kalil
Correspondence Secretary: Rudy Sperling
Sr. Trustee: Marty Dees
Jr. Trustee: Scott Hesson