High Powered

Events details

Dates: Second and fourth Sunday of every month until the end of October

Time: 8:00 AM to Noon

Cost: $5.00 members/$10.00 non-members *

* As with all of our events, they are available to the public.


Cost: $25.00 for 30-06 and $22.00 for .223 for the short course. *

You do not have to be a member to purchase ammo but you must participate in the match and pay nonmember range fees. Since long matches require additional ammo it can be purchased at and additional cost of 50 cents per round.

We sell 30-06 ammo at the matches, members only, for the M1 Garands if you need ammo.

*Ammo prices may increase depending upon what it costs us when we purchase it. Both ranges will be closed during the match.

Course Details

Normal high powered match is 40 rounds for record plus 10 sighting shots. This is called a short course.

  • 10 rounds standing, fired one shot at a time, in a time limit of ten minutes.
  • 10 rounds sitting rapid fire, in a time limit of 60 seconds.
  • 10 rounds prone slow fire, fire one round at a time in a time limit of ten minutes.
  • 10 rounds prone rapid fire, fired in a time limit of 70 seconds.
  • This is a short course, all fired at 200 yards.

  • We also have a long course that is 50 rounds for record plus 10 sighting shots.
  • 10 rounds standing in 10 minutes at 200 yards.
  • 10 rounds sitting rapid fire in 60 seconds at 200 yards.
  • 10 rounds rapid fire prone in 70 seconds at 300 yards.
  • 20 rounds slow fire prone in 20 minutes at 300 yards.

What to bring

  • Any high power rifle
  • Eye & hearing protection, of course
  • Bring your own food and drink


  • Juniors shoot free and ammo provided but need to be accompanied by a paying adult.
  • The club will have an M1 rifle and and AR15 available for anyone to use at the match.
  • Matches are very informal, so if you want to give it a try, there is plenty of help available.


Marty Dees
(965) 847-2229


501 Beeson Road

Richmmond, IN 47374