Shooting Programs

Outdoor Range

In the Summer, high-power rifle matches are held twice each month.
Other matches include service rifle, senior and junior carbine, M-1 Garand and specialty matches. A number of these matches are sanctioned by the NRA. The sporting clays program runs one 50 – bird match every month throughout the summer. We also have 50yd and 100yd Rimfire matches and a 300 yd Centerfire Varmint match.


Indoor Range

During the winter months, Gallery Pistol and small-bore rifle matches are held. Check our club calendar for times and dates. The Junior Club Program runs during the month of January. This program is for all juniors between the ages of 10 and 21. The Club will furnish all equipment needed for the Junior Program.


Contact Info

Vice President: Eric Hisey
(937) 336-7113