Outdoor Range


These rules are NOT meant to keep us from having a good time shooting, but are to ensure that we are safe and will have a club in the future. As a member of OLD TRAILS, you have a right and a duty to speak to anyone that you observe to be in violation of these rules or using unsafe practices. In case of dispute, notify the board.
The board will take action and may expel any one in violation of unsafe conduct on the range. IF IT IS NOT SAFE, DON’T DO IT!
The NRA Fundamental Rules for Safe Gun Handling are:
*ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.
*ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
*ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.


Daily 8:00 AM until dark

The Outdoor range’s 300 yd practice is from noon to dark. All shooting must stop when it is dark!

Any member caught abusing the range hours will be subject to disciplinary action!

Any and all Members should have their membership cards with them. Nobody should be upset to present their card to anyone else asking for it. Introduce yourself and ask to see their membership card if you don’t recognize the person.

If there should be any unsafe conditions, you will have their name. If you don’t get their name or their license plate number, it is hard for the board to address those concerns.


Rules and regulations are a necessary part of life. Our club also needs to have rules to keep our members, visitors, and neighbors safe. Our range rules have not been updated for many years, so we feel it necessary to do so to keep up with the changing times in which we live. Below you will find the NEW rules that the board agrees to implement immediately.

  1. Range lock will be changed every September
  2. All alcohol and drugs are prohibited on the grounds.
  3. Your membership card must be with you at all times when on the range. You may be asked to show it.
  4. All or part of the range may be closed for repair or maintenance without notice.
  5. Clean up your trash and empty shell cases. Use the trash barrels provided.
  6. Hours at the outdoor range are from 8:00 am to dark.
  7. Priority for 300 yard shooting is: TUESDAY 8:00 AM TO 12:00 PM AND THURSDAY 4:00 PM TO DARK.
  8. The range gate must be locked after entering and leaving the range. The only exception is during scheduled events. The range officer will be responsible for lock up.
  9. It is PROHIBITED to loan your key to anyone. You must accompany your guests.
  10. The range officer will have control of entire range during scheduled events.
  11. The club requires eye and ear protection for all shooters and guest.
  13. All fire arms must have magazines out, actions open and not to be handled while anyone is forward of the firing line. Bolt open indicators are recommended.
  14. Do not attach targets to anything other than the white or blue backing on target stands.
  15. Since we do not have shielded target frames, no shooting of steel on any part of the range. Rim fire silhouette matches is allowed since the range will be closed to any other shooting.
  16. All fire arms are to be kept pointed down range at all times while at the firing line, or use the rifle rack.
  17. Drawing and firing handguns from a holster is prohibited. NO EXCEPTIONS
  18. Do not leave loaded fire arms unattended.
  19. No targets on the ground. EVER
  20. Glass, rocks, and bricks, are NOT to be used as targets for rifle or pistol shooters.
  21. The north range can be used for 300, 200 and 100 yard shooting. Shooters from 200 and 300 yards have priority. Please do not drive on top of the berms.
  22. On our covered firing range, the firing LINE is the front edge of the concrete. No loaded fire arms are permitted ahead of that line.
  23. Always align yourself straight with your target. Don’t shoot at angles.
  24. Actions of all uncased fire arms must have the action open and made safe. Bolt open indicators are recommended.
  25. FULL AUTO is prohibited without board approval. (Owner is responsible for legally transporting and owning such fire arms.)
  26. Swinging or hanging targets are permitted if they are elevated so rounds hit impact area and are made of material that will not cause ricochet.


  1. When black powder or any black powder substitute is in use no person shall be allowed to smoke on the firing line.
  2. There will not be any open containers of powder on the firing line or loading benches on any range.
  3. A separate powder measure or holder must be used to carry the powder charge from container to the muzzle of the gun. Charging directly from horn or flask is unsafe and not permitted.
  4. Shooters may cap/prime any firearm only on the firing line or designated area with the muzzle pointed down range.
  5. All flintlock firearms must be loaded with the frizzen and hammer in the forward position.
  6. Muzzle loading firearms must be carried between the loading benches and the firing line with the muzzle above the shooters’ head and pointed directly up.(Exception: pistol shooters and bench shooters need not keep the muzzle above the shooters head.)
  7. When not in use, all rifles and shotguns must be placed with butt plate on the ground with the barrel pointed up and leaned against the loading bench or rack; pistols will be placed on the loading bench with the barrel pointed muzzle up.
  8. CLEARING MISFIRES: Extreme caution must be used, including reasonable care to inform neighboring shooters. Make sure that the ignition source (cap or priming powder) is removed. If using a flintlock the frizzen and hammer must be in the forward position. The removal of a ball or bullet must be done in such a manner that there is no danger to persons or property. The use of a CO2 ball discharger is highly recommended, and is considered the safest method of ball removal.


Vice President Outdoor Range: John Lahrman
(231) 215-9017


501 Beeson Road
Richmond, IN 47374